A Peek at Podagogy – a brief summary of podcasts for teachers

Over the last few months I’ve needed some handsfree activities with the arrival of teeny T.  Through the late stages of pregnancy, and the insomnia that came with it, I started to uncover the wealth of knowledge and CPD on all things educational that is freely available.  It’s taken me a few months to discover all of these, and I’m sure there are some excellent ones that I am yet to find! I thought I’d try and save others some time by giving a brief overview of the ones I have discovered so far.  I’m a big fan of the British accent so the ones below are pretty much all are home grown. I have a few favourites at the start, but the rest are not in any particular order.  The sound quality can vary with some but none of them have this as a consistent problem and it’s worth persevering!

I should also say a massive thank you to the podcasters* who have put these together so the rest of us can benefit. Enjoy.

*if I’ve got anything not quite right please do let me know and I’ll update the article!

My top 3:

  • Naylor’s Natter – Phil Naylor @pna1977 (approx. 60mins per episode)

Most episodes focus on an educator who has written a book (teaching and learning, evidence and research).  It literally is a ‘natter’ and Phil talks through the book/research with the author then adds some ‘Podcast pedagogy’ at the end.  This is one of my favourite podcasts as it has helped inspire me to read some great books and get a good overview of some interesting insights in education at the moment.

  • The Clem & Em Podcast @thosethatcan @ClemAndEm (approx. 60mins per episode)

A new-ish podcast which offers a very different style to the others mentioned.  Chatty and informal, less of a focus on specific pedagogy; Clem and Em chat to a variety of people about education in general, but these tend to be people who are not teachers e.g. journalists.  It links in political agendas and the views of parents and the general public.  Easy to listen to and very personal in its’ approach, from the episodes I’ve listened to it reminds me of Desert Island Discs, replacing the music with education chat and the guest podcaster talks about their own experiences and opinions.

  • Key Voices @TheKeySL (15 – 30mins long)

A podcast by The Key for School Leaders – brings a summary of education news and interviews.  It used to start with a summary of headlines in education, but they have stopped this in later episodes (which I am sad about!). The episodes are really varied, and I’ve enjoyed the fact that they think outside the box with some of the areas of focus.  Good for those who are governors too. This is up there of my favourite ones to follow as I’ve found it really relevant and well edited. Quality is generally excellent.

Other Podcasts (some are very new to me at time of writing):

  • The Evidence Based Education Podcast @EvidenceInEdu (30 – 60 mins long)

Discusses how ‘evidence based education can have a practical and achievable positive impact on pupil outcomes’.  I haven’t listened to a lot of this but again episodes cover a range of topics.

  • Mr Barton Maths Podcast @mrbartonmaths (30mins – 3hrs)

Not just maths! Craig Barton talks to a range of educational professionals on lots of different issues.  Although there are a lot that are Maths focused, it’s definitely worth seeking out the more pedagogical generic episodes.  There are a mix of interviews with big names in the education field alongside some I’ve not heard of but make really interesting listening.

  • We Are In Beta Podcast @NiallAlcock (30 – 60 mins long)

This podcast tells the ‘positive, practical and personal stories’ of inspirational school leaders.  The episodes I have listened to tended to be more about people’s personal journeys.  There is a focus on effective leadership and inclusivity, but it tends to be opinion focused rather than as evidence based as some of the other podcasts out there  .  Worthwhile CPD in a different way.

  • Pivotal Podcast @pivotalpodcast (30 – 60mins)

Described as ‘case studies and advice I how to manage behaviour in your classroom’ this is one of the longest running podcasts.  It’s diverse, relevant, well produced and you can find pretty much anything to do with education covered somewhere.

  • TES – The Education Podcast @tes @tesresources (15 – 45mins)

TES divides up there podcasts into a variety of different topics e.g. international/FE/Podagogy and more.  It’s another well established podcast which covers pretty much any topic you can think of – interviews, research and up to date educational news. Episodes tend to be shorter than some of the others out there.

  • Don’t Shoot The Deputies @DynamicDeps (30 – 50 mins)

This has more of a primary focus, run by two primary deputies – Steve and Russell.  They cover a range of topics primarily stemming from a leadership focus. Easy to listen to and well produced.

  • From Page to Practice @BexN91 (20 – 40 mins)

I’ve just discovered this as I publish this, so far I’ve really enjoyed.  It’s another one that focuses on application of educational reading and the impact in the classroom.  Rebecca interviews or talks through an educational text/article then discusses its’ impact in the classroom. I look forward to how this evolves.

  • ASCL leadership podcast @ASCL_UK (20 – 40 mins)

Monthly podcast which interviews a variety of different people in the education world. I’ve not had a chance to listen to this a great deal but it’s varied and quite good at keeping up to date with concepts. It tends to be a brief overview rather than going into the depth that other podcasts too.

  • Becoming Educated @dnleslie (30 – 60mins)

I’ve not listened to this yet – just found out about it on Twitter! It’s another new one, and it looks interesting with a focus on pedagogy and leadership to ‘inspire and allow passionate professionals to trust themselves and teach with joy’ – now who wouldn’t want that.


Other podcasts are:

Oomph. @weareoomph – teaching and learning focused; only one episode out so far

Leaders With Babies @leaders_plus – interviews with high flying leaders across a variety of different fields and how they have balanced their careers with parenthood.

I hope this article proves a helpful shortcut to some excellent free (!) CPD.


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