Starting again – 2019 resolution!

It has been a long time since I last wrote on this.  In fact it stalled not long after @Staffrm shut down and I had my first child – I don’t know which was more relevant!  My career has changed a little in that I now work in a mixed state academy 11 – 16.   The change was to broaden my horizons and it has done just that but not necessarily in the way I anticipated, but that’s a blog for another time. Having just begun mat leave for a second time I am determined to ensure that my career continues over the next few months and that I can utilise the absence of lesson planning and marking for some educational research alongside nappy changing. I have been pretty proactive in wait for the arrival of baby 2 having just been appointed a co-opted governor for a local primary school and embarking on the #mtptproject (@maternityCPD).  It’s early days on both of these but we’ll see where they take me in the remaining months. I’ve also managed to make use of childcare to attend the recent #WomenEd Unconference in Sheffield and The Difference’s #IncludeEd North conference, and these have both influenced my most recent reading and reflections.

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