My motivation

A reoccurring theme for teachers today is to educate young people into the negative implications of living your life via social media.  Personally I am tired of lecturing bored looking teenagers about what they shouldn’t post online, so instead I have decided to lead by example and promote the concept of creating a positive digital profile through a blog.

I spend hours every Autumn term reading through the personal statements of aspirant medics who struggle to fit the vast number of extra-curricular commitments into 4000 words, massacring vast quantities of worthwhile text that would help reflect the thoughtful and reflective nature  of my students.  Instead I have put it to them – why not start a blog?  While it is unlikely that the poor soul who is given the unenviable task of reading the thousands of applications that come flooding in will actually access the blog it would provide lifelong evidence that at the age of 11 they were passionate about becoming a doctor/vet/lawyer. If future employers undertake a digital background check how impressed would they be to instantly see how articulate, reflective and motivated their interviewee was as a teenage boy and just think what kind of a man must he have become?

So here is my experiment.  I am going to try and encourage a small group of pupils to create a blog in the hope that it might make us all a little bit more reflective about our lives.

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